Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day For A Day

This is how Maggie Taylor looks at what has happened to her in the past few weeks. She was your average wife and mother with nothing special happening in her life - until the day she turned her back for a few minutes to pluck a couple of small branches off a bush she wanted growing in her back yard. That was when she found her daughter missing from the swing set at the park they had stopped at.
Confusion sets in as Maggie searches all about for her missing daughter. But her efforts aren't nearly enough to locate one small child that has gone missing. Soon the police department is called in, but even with their help and all the volunteers searching diligently for her daughter, she doesn't turn up. Until a couple of weeks later when she does - dead.
Every mother's worst nightmare is explored in this deadly drama from Donna Lee Comer that pits one mother's frantic efforts against not one, but two serial killers, both living in and working out of one small town.
Things are bad enough for the Taylor family at this point, but even as she begins to put together new facts that lead her to the ultimate conclusion of who the person was who kidnapped her daughter from the park, Maggie  herself is kidnapped by the second serial killer and held hostage in a small shed out where no one can possibly find her. What makes matters even worse is that Maggie realizes she isn't the only one this deranged psychopath has abducted and held in the shed she finds she is unable to break free from. Horror sets in even more when she understands that none of those abducted girls lived. What will happen to her?
In the last post from Crescent Suns Publishing I looked at the question of committing evil to do wrong. In this post I look at the same question - from a slightly different perspective: if evil has been committed against you - in the worst possible manner - should you commit the worst possible evil back against the one who harmed you? This is what Maggie Taylor struggles with both before and after the fact, as she wrestles with the knowledge of what she will have to do in order to free herself from her captor and serve justice against the man who abducted her daughter and ended her life forever before she could even begin to enjoy it.
Again I ask the question - What would you do? Would you seek retribution against both of these men? Would you want to watch as their lives ebbed away from them, leaving them as lifeless as your child, who no longer has the possibility of living? Would you feel guilty or relieved at the completion of these acts of violence you know you must commit in order to free yourself not only physically, but mentally, as well? And what would you tell the police? Should you confess your part in these men deaths or leave it for the cops to figure out on their own, hoping no one discovers your involvement?
In A Day For A Day, available from, Donna Lee Comer has given us a victim/heroine we can not only root for, but plot along with as she decides what will work best to free her from captivity and impending death.
If your heart is weak or you can't stomach violence toward children or women, don't read A Day For A Day. If you enjoy hard-edged drama and deranged serial killers, start reading it now.

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Hollywood is an All-Volunteer Army by Steven Paul Leiva. $3.99 from
Here's a story that moves from Hollywood to Manhattan to London to the Greek Island of Corfu to a castle by the sea steeped in Hollywood history and, finally, to the skies over California where World War II Spitfires and Messerschmitts dogfight to the death, and wherein the Fixxer, and his band of cohorts and confidants do battle against the amorality of the universe.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doing Evil For Good

Is it ever right to do evil if the intent is to do good?

Put this another way - if someone is being harmed by the actions of another - and I mean really harmed in every way - is it moral for someone else to harm the one committing the harm on the first person?

What if the one being harmed in the first place is a child? Does that make a difference? What if the perpetrator of this harm is a pedophile who preys on children - those who are too weak to fight back or who are not mentally tough enough to realize they are the victims, not the one abusing them for his own sexual gratification?

Most people presented with the query above would answer that, yes, they believe it is permissible to do something to help the child being so harmed by the pedophile. But would these same people be willing to actually get involved and do something to stop the abuse of that child?

In Dead Eyes, the suspense/thriller from Morne Scott, that is the scenario brought into question when Michael Stillman, respected psychologist and husband, is brought on board a task force to identify and apprehend pedophiles. He joins because he feels it is a cause worth undertaking - until he has to review too many hours of computer files seized as evidence in a case. Those files horrify, numb, and then enrage Stillman until he can no longer sit back and merely review pornographic files. He feels he has to take a more proactive stance - and the death of the pedophile perpetrators seems to be the only answer.

Author Morne Scott writes a compelling story involving everything that is wrong with our society. In his novel, the only way to know for certain if any particular pornographic clip of pedophilia or incest is real is to examine the eyes of the alleged victim. As a psychologist, the protagonist, Michael Stillman, has learned to identify the "dead eyes" of those who have seen too much, been abused too long, endured the atrocities of their unfortunate lives beyond reasonable endurance. For Michael Stillman, ridding this society of its worst criminals by ending their lives is the only reasonable answer.

This same question is brought up in other eBooks promoted and published by Crescent Suns Publishing. Most notably toward the beginning of Forever Undead and especially in the last story contained within Pumpkin Jack Skull and Other Tales of Terror (Always Free at, the issue of eradicating pedophiles, the worst scum and predators upon this mudball of a planet, is answered in only one way - death. Preferably as brutal as possible so the pedophiles themselves understand what it is like to suffer at the hands of someone more adept at abuse than they, but in any manner possible, pedophiles must be stopped.

This blog post and review is not intended as a political piece on the deprivations of society, but as a thought-provoking question that can be asked in only one way:

What would you do?

Morne Scott's Dead Eyes is worth the asking price and is a fast-paced read that will keep your hungry eyes moving across the lines of the story until you reach the end. It's worth the time invested.

Mark Fortune: Rogue Cop by . $2.99 from
Mark Fortune is a corrupt cop who is only concerned with satisfying his own scandalous desires. He takes cash to convict a murder suspect, while taking other favors from the suspect's wife to help set him free. Playing one side against the other can't possibly work. Or can it?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do Parallel Worlds Exist?

"Jump Into a Universe of Infinite Possibilities.
The billionaire you. The inventor you. The athletic you. In alternate universes, everything you desire has already taken place. Tap into this infinite potential with Quantum  Jumping."

 This is the tag line introducing a new system that makes the claim that parallel worlds actually exist and that we here on this Earth can visit or view what our "other selves" have already done so that we can see what we can do or be or achieve - whatever.

There are many claims involving parallel worlds on the site where I found the intro tag above. None of them seem any more real or fact-based than the stories I have already written based upon parallel worlds. Not that my stories are the first to be based upon this imaginative concept. Oh, no. For many years before I was even born stories were written concerning alternate worlds where each of us has identical twins. Even the original Star Trek came up with an alternate world episode (Which I enjoyed and wished they had based an entire series on). So the "belief" in parallel dimensions is not a new thought. What is new is the idea that humans on this world (or any of the alternate worlds) can see what was done by their alternate selves so they can copy what "they" have done over there.

Doesn't that strike you as being a little lazy? "I don't want to actually go through the process of writing a book, so I'll see what one of my other selves has written and just copy his efforts". That's plagiarism! Even if I copy what "I" wrote in another universe, it's still plagiarism. And laziness.

Actually, Jimmy Olsen (Superman's Pal) did this very thing in an old comic book (of the same name). He saw into the future and found that he had written a best seller. So he read it there and wrote it in the present (?). But did he really write if, it he didn't actually put the thought and effort into travailing over each and every word and phrase?

Parellel worlds is something that seriously fascinates me, but to make the claim that, "In alternate universes, everything you desire has already taken place", is preposterous. The things I desire are what I write my stories about - becoming a superhero, gaining great and awesome powers that would astound mankind. This is what I desire. And according to the guy who makes the claim I quoted, "I" have already done exactly that - in other dimensions.

Someone get a straight jacket for this guy!

Yes, in my novels, Parallel, XKALIBUR, Rebirth of the Gods, and Superion, I utilize the concept of alternate universes and similar people living on those worlds. But do I believe "I" actually exist on "worlds within worlds" where every time I make a decision a new world comes into being? Ah, didn't I say above how absurd this notion was? What happens when I get up each morning and decide to eat oatmeal instead of pancakes or waffles or bacon and eggs? According to the guy who made the beginning claim on this blog post, "Every decision you make in life causes a "split" in reality". That's Him talking, not me. According to "him" a new world is created wherein I eat pancakes - and oatmeal - and bacon and eggs - and waffles - and...give me a break. New worlds are created when I make a decision as to what I will eat for breakfast? How about what color socks I wear? Or what color T-shirt? Or even my underwear?

See what I am saying here? These claims are preposterous at best - ridiculously absurd to the extreme at worst. Why would new creations of worlds come into being just because of a simple decision like, "Hmmm, do I want to buy hamburger or chicken today?" There must be bazillions upon bazillions of worlds for each and every one of us who has ever lived. And since we all inhabit those worlds at the same time (as long as we are alive and didn't decide to jump off a cliff), that would mean there would be multiples of multiples or worlds being created where Henry drove to work - or took the bus - or walked - or rode a bike, but his wife Emily stayed home "sick" and made out with the mailman - or the kid who mows the lawn - or the hot babe next door...

While parallel worlds is an excellent source for writing new books, it makes totally stupid "valley girl" philosophy. Don't buy into this crap. Instead, buy my books that deal with it in a much more imaginative manner. You knew I had to get into plugging my books somehow, right?

Until next time - Keep your brain on this Earth, and read.

Jacob M. Drake
CEO - President
Crescent Suns Publishing

 Murder Stalks by Sara Thacker. $2.99 from
When young women start dying, lead detective Tony Santos is drawn into a web of deceit and revenge that forces him out of the police department and directly into the sights of the killer. His wife walked out, and he's glad for that fact after a dead body winds up in his bed. Now he needs Marissa more than ever, but she's got her defenses up and his charm isn't working on her.



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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beyond Mere Sexuality

Most of the books published by Crescent Suns have been within the horror or fantasy genres. But those aren't all we publish. With the addition of Jackson Williams (Jack to his friends and fans) to the CSP lineup we also have hard core adult erotica.

Isn't there already "hard core adult erotica" with some of the books published by Jacob Drake? In fact, most fans of CSP books will notice that there is usually a lot of sex in most of the books we have published thus far. True, but Jackson Williams takes erotica to a whole new level with the two collections of screenplays he has compiled. Each of these books, Meri XXXMas Cherry and Chained With Brats, has been formatted by the author in order to provide screenplays that if desired, may be taken directly from the books and printed out to be used as scripts for making adult movies. Naturally the making of such from these books cannot be accomplished without first contacting the Crescent Suns Publishing offices and making a deal for the movie rights on any one of the stories contained within these two collections. And we are open for negotiation.

What Jackson Williams has provided goes beyond the occasional sexuality contained in most of Jacob Drake's books (With the exception perhaps of Rebirth of the Gods, which is fraught throughout with sex scenes) and gives us a glimpse into dysfunctional family life, dating, relationships, life after death - or at least the grave - and many other facets of life most of us might not normally touch upon in our own daily lives or even in our reading material.

Check out Meri XXXMas Cherry, about a young college coed who decides she's spent enough time as a virgin and wants to lose her virginity in a spectacular way - with surprising results for all involved. This story is both touching and titillating to the male (and perhaps even the female) libido.

The sequel to this first story, Westward Hos, follows the title story in this book, showing what happens when the three main characters of the first story venture to Hollywood in order to star in their first adult movie, based upon their exploits in the first story.

Then we have Chained With Brats, starting off with two more tales of dysfunctional families, only perhaps a bit more dysfunctional than most. Viewers of 1980s sitcoms will quickly recognize the family within these two screenplays as being a satirical adult parody of a popular show of that period. Jackson Williams decided this is what that TV family would have been like had the producers allowed it to be X rated.

We hope you enjoy Necrillia, the Mistress of the Dead and her wild, hard core - and very humorous - sexual antics of necrophilia as she introduces each of the stores contained within the Necrotales section of Chained With Brats. We certainly did. Jack is considering devoting an entire book to Necrillia and her sexcapades among the dead and dying. We're looking forward to publishing that book. Now, if Jack would just begin writing it, hmmm?

Whether adult erotica is your style or not, Crescent Suns Publishing has books for just about everyone and soon hope to introduce a new line of Romance books from another new author in the field.

Keep reading and if you're an author, keep writing.

Jacob Drake
CEO - President
Crescent Suns Publishing

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exciting Vampire Series

Are you one of those people who love the influx of vampire stories, movies, television shows currently on the market? If so, The Forever Darkness series is one you want to be certain to read. Beginning with the first novel, Forever Undead, this series tells the story of a family man who finds himself bitten by a vampire one night - quite against his will, so that he must make the decision - does he go home to his wife and children and tell them what happened to him and hope they understand and support him? Or does he leave without a word, letting them believe him dead or worse, an uncaring louse who decided to dessert his family?

The decision is a difficult one for him, but ultimately he decides that if he goes home he could end up feeding off his wife or one of his children, if the hunger grew too strong for him. That is something he could never bear to live with.

His life forever changed from that night onward, he moves from his home state of Washington to Los Angeles, California. After all, what better place to locate those who deserve to be fed off than a city teeming with drug pushers, rapists and child molesters? But fate hasn't finished with him yet. This former family man, now renamed Phoenix, due to his "rising from the flames" of vampiric rebirth, discovers a whole new world among the undead in Los Angeles. And not all of them lean toward his well-being as a newly turned vampire.

Follow the exploits of Phoenix through the next book featuring his exploits, Forever the Dark Grave (though this is the third book of this series). In Forever the Dark Grave, Phoenix finds himself in a new dilemma, working toward combating the soldiers of Cyrus, the vampiric "overlord" who captured and tortured him in the previous book, as well as coping with changes in his inner abilities and additions to those who become his associates among the undead.

Nothing remains static in these novels of the vampire life, er, unlife.

The second book in this series is Darkness in the Light, wherein a young man, one Nic Draca, is attacked and turned into a vampire by an unknown sire who also tattoos Nic with a design that covers most of the left side of his face. Waking in a large puddle in an alley and finding the tattoo on his face is bad enough, but when he discovers he also has a hunger for drinking human blood - straight from the original "packaging", he grows understandably concerned.

Not knowing how to cope with his new existence, Nic decides to end his life by exposing himself to the morning sun as it rises from the east. Circumstances prevent this self-destruction and he is thrown into a world where half of those who are of his same vampiric Kind seek his destruction as well as the lifting of the "veil", that covenant among all vampires that requires them to remain hidden from the world of humans, while the other half seeks to protect him, thus keeping the veil of secrecy intact.

Follow Nic Draca as he learns why he was turned into a vampire and what he can do to possibly prevent his complete and utter destruction.

The sequel to Darkness in the Light, titled Darkness in the Draca Legacy, is currently being written as the fourth book in this series, with the fifth book, which will tie all the loose strings together between the two separate realms of these vampires, Forever Darkness, soon to follow.

Later we hope to bring you a collection of vampiric short stories based upon the vampire-themed bar introduced in Darkness in the Light, entitled, Vapir Sange, Dark Tales From the Blood Bar. Watch for all these titles on Smashwords (and all affiliate distributors of eBooks) and Amazon.

While you are looking for new eBooks to read, consider the following: Kissing in the Dark by Wendy Lindstrom, also on

KISSING IN THE DARK by Wendy Lindstrom. $2.99 from
A man of fierce integrity, Sheriff Duke Grayson is shocked when he discovers his beautiful wife Faith lied about her identity and is hiding from a man with the power to destroy their family—and Duke's fine reputation as a lawman. Torn between his code of honor and his love for Faith, Duke must put everything on the line when the man from Faith's past finds her.

Also consider Of the People by Richard F. West, available on

Of the People by Richard F. West. $3.00 from
An ordinary American is unexpectedly caught up in a plot that threatens his life and his country.

As always, we at Crescent Suns Publishing strive to bring the very best in eBook reading to YOU, the readers who desire the very best from us. Drop us a line any time and let us know how you are enjoying these eBooks, or tell us if there is something about them you don't like. After all, our readership is what drives CSP and the reason why we exist at all.

Sincerely yours in writing,

Jacob M. Drake
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We've begun small, as most publishing companies do, and we intend on remaining small - at least long enough so we can ensure the quality of each book published by CSP.

 If you haven't read a Crescent Suns Publishing eBook yet, take a look at the list of titles thus far:

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